iPad Route Planning using : Imray Navigator, Marine Imray Charts, Navionics, Garmin BlueChart, MaxSea, iSailor, iBoating and NavLink.

Marine Route Planning on Android Tablets.


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Chapters 1 to 10, price £7.49: AquaCh1-10, is now available.


After you have viewed chapter 1 free, contact me by filling in the form on this page with Name, Email and Book choice if you want to order the full book, chapters 1-10. I will then e-mail you with downloading instructions.


Payment by PayPal or Credit Card. File delivery by download from my Public Dropbox Folder. I will email you with the URL link, invoice and user / download instructions ASAP on receipt of payment.

The PowerPoint Slide Show Book Ch 1-10 is 319 Mb and takes some time to download.

Each chapter of this book is a PowerPoint slide show viewable on the free Android App 'WPS Office'.

'AquaCh1' and 'UserHelp File' run within this App. UserHelp.pdf is a PDF file readable on your Android Tablet or downloadable to 'WPS Office'.


WPS Office

With WPS Office installed on your Android Tablet, you can download Chapter one free, just tap the link below. It can be run within DropBox on PC or Mac or downloaded to your Android Tablet. The file is 145.5Mb, therefore takes some time to download.


Aqua Map Android Free Sample Chapter 1 :  AquaCh1f

PDF user instuctions for playing a book slideshow can be read or downloaded here.


UserHelp File

AqFront1 UserHelp