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TimeSums Manual

1. If this were clock A, the speech in the above case would be: "Clock A, zero, zero, zero, zero, AM".  Clock C would be similar.

Page 6 ( Speech )

With speech 'On', 'swipe' UP on any clock numeral to hear speech.

If clock C time is less than 00:00 or more than 23:59 today.  

ManP5:1 ManP6:9 ManP5:5

2. Clock B is different, in that it shows a period of time rather than a time of day. The clock above would be spoken:  "Clock B, plus, eleven hours, fifty nine minutes.

3. TimeSums has speech for most symbols on 'swiping up'.  In this case the speech is "AM/PM format". Other symbols with speech are the clock locks GMT time offset and Time now, which states the time of clock A.

ManP6:8 ManP6:7

With 'Speech On' and 'swipe up' on a clock C digit, if the result of adding or subtracting clock B from or to clock A falls outside of 'Today', the speech for clock C will include both the time AND the day, either 'Tomorrow' or 'Yesterday'.


If clock C result is more than 48 hours ahead of 00:00 Today or more than 24:00 hours behind, then speech and display will be "Clock C out of range".

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