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Marine Imray Charts and Chart Store FAQ's

Q. How do I quickly choose a larger scale chart of the one I'm on now?


A. All larger scale charts of the area are shown on the present chart as magenta boxes with an identification letter, the same as on a real paper chart. Tap inside a magenta box on the present chart to display thumbnail views of adjacent / overlapping charts. Tap the one you want to display it on screen. Routes, waypoints, co-ordinates, position and Distance A-B rule are unaffected by the chart change. They will all appear in the same position as on the previous chart. If you don't see the chart you are looking for it may be just because it is out of view. Scroll the chart thumbnails window up or down to see all the adjacent charts. If you still don't see the one you want it might be because you do not have it on your device, you may have removed it or not downloaded it from the Chart Store to your (iPad / iPhone / iPod). You will need to download it from the Chart Store to display it.


Q. How do I do a 'smart search by chart identification letter', for the chart I want.


A. You can search for charts using their identification letter or number. If you pinch the screen to get the full chart currently displayed on screen full size you will see it's chart identification letter / number / code in the bottom right hand corner and the top left corner of the chart, just like a normal Imray chart. All larger scale charts associated with this main chart are also uniquely lettered or numbered. So the example chart used in "iPad Route Planning . . . " is C4 (Needles Channel to Bill of Portland) and the larger scale charts of Lulworth Cove and Worbarrow Bay are B and C. So an (All Charts) search for C4_C finds just the chart of Worbarrow Bay. Whereas an (All Charts) search for C4  finds C4 and all it's other larger scale charts C4_A, C4_B, C4_C, C4_D, C4_E, C4_F, C4_G and C4_H.


Q. How do I do a 'smart search'?


A. Tap: 'Charts'. Tap: 'A-Z'. Tap: 'All'. Tap: ' The spyglass icon top right of window'. Fill in the Chart Identification letter / number / code followed by a word space. i.e 'C4  '. You will get just the chart you stipulate. If you type in C4 without the word space or followed by an underline character you will also display all of C4's associated large scale charts.


Q. What is the difference between 'All' and 'Overlapping'?


A. In 'Overlapping' mode only the charts which overlap the position you tap on the main chart will be found. To find all charts associated with the main chart you need to select 'All' mode. When doing a smart search it is usually best to select 'All' and enter just the Chart's Indentification without wordspace or underline character.  


Q. How do I select an adjacent / overlapping main chart.


A. Tap near an edge of the main chart you are on. The chart menu comes up showing any adjacent charts on your device. Alternatively look at the chart you are on and search for the identifying chart number of the magenta lined overlap areas shown. (Usually found at the top or bottom of the magenta boundary line on the side representing the overlapping chart.) On C4 (Needles Channel to Bill of Portland), these are (left to right), C5, C3 and C15, (Bill of Portland to Salcombe Harbour, Isle of Wight, and The Solent.) All these are also shown on C12 and C10, Eastern English Channel and Western English Channel.


Q. How do I remove App files from the iTunes 'add' /  'save' Apps communication screen.


A. Highlight the files you want removed. Press the delete key on your keyboard. A dialogue comes up in iTunes. click on 'delete'.